With the recent acquisition of ZenIQ, the 6sense Demand Orchestration Platform is ready to help you extract maximum ROI from your ABM strategy.

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The 6sense Demand Orchestration Platform can help you take your ABM to the next level.

01/ Getting the data basics right

Let the Platform gather the right data from all your systems, third-party external data, and connect it all together. Every day.

Maintain data hygiene as the Platform connects leads to accounts, finds new accounts, and enriches records to build comprehensive profiles.

Find the relevant buying center in each account and find missing contacts to ensure you can reach the right people, right away across all your target accounts.

Lead-to-account matching at Platform9

02/ Analyzing reach and engagement

The Platform identifies anonymous website engagement and processes billions of anonymous intent signals to understand which accounts are ‘in-market’.

Built-in AI focuses on faster pipeline creation, better deal velocity, higher deal values, and competitive advantage through intent insights.

Understanding 360-degree reach and engagement activity of accounts and segments powers ability to drive ABM tactics and sales action.

Shine a light on the "dark funnel"

03/ Turning insight into action

The Platform offers marketers native capabilities to create, activate and manage digital campaigns on segments.

For the advanced ABM practitioners, SmartPlays can help setup multi-channel, multi-persona, and multi-system orchestration on segments.

Alert sales to specific insights, auto-create tasks in CRM, trigger sales email orchestration, and more – all designed to drive efficient sales action.

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A Comprehensive Solution

6sense together with ZenIQ equips modern marketers with a platform that delivers up to 5x lift in lead conversions and pipeline acceleration through ABM activation.

Uncover, accelerate, and capture demand
We’d love to show you some of the Platform’s capabilities which include:
  • ABM Basics
  • Data Enrichment
  • Lead-to-Account Matching
  • ICP & Buying Center Analytics
  • ... and more!
  • ABM Intermediate
  • Account Engagement Insights
  • Segment Analytics
  • Account-based digital campaigns
  • ... and more!
  • ABM Advanced
  • In-Market Predictions
  • Smart Play Orchestration
  • Sales Activation
  • ... and more!


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